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Sports and Fitness Suppliment Certicate

Certificate in Sports & Fitness Supplements

With the advances the pharmaceutical world is making today, numerous sports supplements have begun to appear on the market, each promising to accomplish something amazing. Some can be beneficial if taken in a safe and appropriate manner, while others will be just a pretty big waste of your money. Some if you’re not careful can even cause more physical harm than good.   
It is the responsibility of the athlete to look into the supplements they are taking and decide which one is right for them.
This course is designed to promote a better understanding about effective ingredients.

How much do doctors and dentists know about Nutrition?

The variety, availability, sales and use of dietary supplements (DS) remain poorly understood by the mainstream medical community but the potential for use and abuse of dietary supplements cannot be taken lightly by medical officers (MOs).

Despite the indisputable pharmacologic effects many of these over-the-counter (OTC) products exert, the use of dietary supplements is generally overlooked by clinicians.

Dietary supplements information is not covered in much depth in medical education and physicians are not trained in this area. As such, many may feel uncomfortable with their lack of familiarity regarding the ever-increasing supplement pharmacopoeia.

Peer-reviewed scientific research and evidenced-based information are often limited. Moreover, because the general public and active duty community perceives these natural substances as harmless, the products often do not come to the attention of physicians at all. Less than half of all users of dietary supplements consult a physician or a practitioner about alternative products.

But the literature on dietary supplements use is limited. The purpose of our course in “Clinical Nutritionist” is to allow the medical practitioners and other community to become familiar with common dietary supplements and dietary plan for a healthy and ill person and make appropriate clinical decisions in light of the physical and psychological stressors of the environment.

Syllabus of this course covers all the sports & fitness supplements being prescribed by practitioners, coaches and being used by athletes & bodybuilders. You will learn what are the supplements, how does supplements affect our health, what are the side-effects of misuse.

After completion of this course doctors can better handle the questions asked by the general public and sports personnel about the supplements.



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